About Me

Arian Tashakkor

My name is Arian Tashakkor. I was born in Tehran | Iran.
I started my freelancing as a Web Designer & Developer in 2011 (when I was about 13).
I follow web design & development.
I love graphic & graphic design and I do it sometimes.
I love photography and I try to take better photos.
I learn and study about the web.
I try to keep in touch with people, who I know on the web as far as I can.
I follow my friends' projects on the web and share them if I can.
I like to talk about everything on social networks with my friends and my family and I'm a social person.
I try to use my ideas in my projects.
I love music and I play guitar. I listen to the music while working.
I love modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and...

My Skills





Interface Design



Designer & Developer 2011

  • At the beginning of 2011 I built my simple blog with 'Blogspot' and then after about 1 month I left it without any posts. Then in the middle of 2011 I started a new project about Artificial Intelligence for my school. That was simply because I was busy to learn the base of web design. At the end of 2011 I built and launched my website.

  • At the beginning of 2012 I designed templates for somebodies like my friends. In this year, I have done a lot of graphic designs (like logos, book covers and...) I tried to help my friends about web design as far as I could. But I decided to do my freelancing as a web designer professionally and meaningful. After this decision, I worked with Content Management Systems like 'NUKE', 'NUKELEARN', 'JOOMLA', 'WORDPRESS'... and tried to be updated about them. At the end of 2012 I started a new project for Religious Group in Iran based on Nukelearn CMS.

  • At the beginning of 2013 I designed a free simple one page template based on HTML5 and CSS3 for all. During this year I worked hard on web design & development and I developed little projects at home for myself. In the middle of 2013 I designed my blog's template based on Wordpress Content Management System and then launched it. After this, I started writing helpful posts about web design & development and now I'm continuing my freelancing...



  • Currently I am a student at High school.

  • Everything that I know about web design and development is experimental and until this moment I didn't go to any classes to learn about them.

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